Pagans mc florida 2019

The Pagans are categorized as an outlaw motorcycle gang by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are active on the East Coast of the U.

The Pagans were established in Prince George's County, Maryland, by then-president Lou Dobkin, beginning in and officially organized in The group started out wearing denim jackets with embroidered insignia instead of the more standard three-piece patches utilized by most OMGs, and riding both American and British motorcycles, Harley-Davidsons and Triumphs.

In the s they adopted a formal constitution and formed a governing structure, choosing a national president whom was paid the same amount as the U.

They were a fairly non-violent group until After gaining a swelling mass of new members, mainly combat veterans returning from Vietnam, which put the Pagans on the path to evolve into an outlaw motorcycle gang OMG.

With ties to other organized crime groups, the Pagans quickly became dominant in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their growth under the leadership of John "Satan" Marron, saw the Pagans grow to nearly 5, members in the early s. Their "Mother Club" is never in a fixed location, but it has been generally located in the northeast. The Pagans' top echelon of leadership must always number 13 members.

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There are also chapter presidents, with the largest chapter at times located in the Philadelphia area. Though primarily concentrated in the northeast and mid-Atlantic, the Pagans began expanding into Florida in the s and west, with chapters beyond the Mississippi River. The Pagans have grown slowly through a natural cycle of attrition in the smaller OMGs, the practice of patching over other chapters or entire clubs.

The practice of incorporating smaller OMGs was prevalent from the s to the early s. The Pagans MC patch depicts the Norse fire-giant Surtr sitting on the sun, wielding a sword, plus the word Pagan's [sic], in red, white and blue. Though historically not wearing a bottom rocker, a patch denoting the location of where a one-percenter bike club is based out of, the Pagan Motorcycle club has since started wearing an "East Coast" insignia on their vests [10].

Members wear blue denim vests called cuts or cutoffs with club patches, known as colors, on the front and back. Recently, the Pagans' membership has begun to grow. The Pagans have a mother club or ruling council which ultimately rules the club. Members must be at least 21 years old and owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with engines cc or larger.

pagans mc florida 2019

The Pagans have been linked to the production and smuggling of drugs such as methamphetaminemarijuanacocaineheroinand PCP. The Pagans also have had strong ties to organized crimeespecially in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.A wife of a motorcycle club member tried shielding her husband during a brutal beating at the hands of Pagan biker club members, police say.

Pagan's Motorcycle Club

The apparent motive? It was enough for the district judge to send the case to county court. The newspaper says six men, most of them Pagans, face charges including attempted homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide and aggravated assault in the April 18 beating at the Slovak Club in Charleroi, Pa. In all, 10 people face charges in the case, according to the newspaper, which adds:.

Blackwell, who represented Vasquez. Instead the judge denied bond for the six. Meanwhile, Troy Harris spent weeks in hospitals with injuries including a brain hemorrhage, broken eye socket, stroke and bruising on his legs that gave him trouble walking. He requires occupational, physical and speech therapy and has cognitive problems, his wife said. The case is now headed to court. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us.

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Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Support local news you can trust. Subscribe to PennLive. By John Luciew jluciew pennlive.Originally, they recommended that gatherings of or more scheduled in the next 2 weeks be postponed or cancelled.

They have now upgraded that recommendation to gatherings of 50 people or more for the next 8 weeks. Unfortunately that moves the window out to cover the dates for FPG Beltaine Anyone who pre-registered will have their registration rolled over to FPG Samhain If you are on need of a refund, please email Bobbi Jo at register flapagan.

Google Maps shows the festival's entrance at the owner's driveway. You may NOT use this entrance. The correct festival entrance is the next driveway to the right on the map, there are sand pits along the road and it will be marked with an FPG Banner. Whisper generators permitted, noisier generators may be asked to set up in more isolated areas.

Pagans MC (Motorcycle Club)

Workshops slots still available! Please sign up to present a workshop before September 10th for Samhain or March 10 for Beltaine by emailing workshop flapagan. Contact Us Form: Click here. Registration is now OPEN! Click here for more info or email Bobbi Jo at register flapagan. After you register please email any special requests to register flapagan. There is no guarantee that your request can be granted, all requests are first received first granted.

Weekend Passes start 9am on Friday, and includes tent camping and all events, concerts and workshops. You can be a bigger part of the great FPG community. We need your help to put on this wonderful event. Staff receives a discount and early admission for the festival. To apply for a staff position, please fill out the Online Application found here. Words from a Volunteer: "I love FPG and what it stands for and admire all of you who work hard to make it run so smoothly and would love a chance to be part of that team".

When it started, it was an important part of the legal battle we were embroiled in but it soon succeeded in getting the message out beyond our wildest imagination! Then, the battle was over, the dust settled and the lawyers put away their briefs but the festivals continued. We changed the name to the Florida Pagan Gathering when we moved it to a place that could accommodate more people.

Over the next two years, the festival grew to more than people! It became a wonderful chance to bring together the Pagan community as well as attract popular authors to Florida, many for the first time. By that time, most of the FPG staff were from different groups or were solitaries so we were already a Florida-wide staff.

Well, we of the Church of Iron Oak, want the festival to continue under a statewide community event as our thanks to the wonderful Pagan community inside and outside of Florida, people who helped us during our difficulties. We decided to continue the festival under the watchful and caring hands of the Florida Pagan community, since it pretty much was already.It is this cloud of mystery that the club most likely wants to grow, as it is also makes it harder for law enforcement to identify their size and locations.

When first founded they consisted of only 13 members. Pagans MC members do not wear a bottom rocker, which usually would display the location of their chapter.

This is said to have been done so that the police and other law enforcement agencies will not know which area the Pagans member has come from. A significant amount of the growth of the Pagans Motorcycle Club chapters can be attributed to their merging with smaller clubs.

The main hubs for chapters are the following areas:. These areas are heavily held by other motorcycle clubs including the Hells Angels MC. Like most information about the club, details are somewhat vague. This is in stark contrast to almost all of the other big 4 clubs including the Hells Angels and Outlaws MC, who have large plaques outside of their clubhouses, which makes them much easier to identify.

Lou Dobkin founded the Pagans Motorcycle Club in Lou Dobkin served in the Navy as a medic before being honourably discharged. The two men shoot into the van driven by Kirby Gallaghan, however miss. Kirby Gallaghan returns returns fire, hitting Richard Capote in the head, killing him. The funeral for Richard Capote is held on 27 July, and shortly after war is declared on the Pagans.

Fates Assembly members throw a hand grenade into the house of Pagans MC member Kirby Gallaghan the shooter on 26 Julyhowever the grenade does not explode. Members of Fates Assembly plan multiple ambushes on Pagans members armed with pipe bombs and rifles, however the ambushes are unsuccessful. A remote control bomb is constructed by Fates Assembly. The bomb is placed on a vehicle driven by members of the Pagans and explodes.

Nobody is seriously harmed, although the explosion causes damage to the vehicle including blowing off a wheel and the gas tank.

pagans mc florida 2019

The Fates Assembly members retrieve the unexploded bomb and decide to attempt the attack again. Later they return and attempt to reattach the bomb, however it explodes, killing Fates Assembly member George Hughes and injuring Robert Paris and Melvin Payne. A fight erupted and 2 Pagans Motorcycle Club members were shot dead, with more injured.

National Leaders of the Pagans as well as over 50 members and associates are indicted on planning to kill and extort rival outlaw motorcycle clubs.

pagans mc florida 2019

Floyd Moore is also charged with conspiring to murder a chapter President from Avengers MCalthough this killing did not proceed. In he was sentenced to months in prison, which he later appealed in on the grounds that the grounds for the search warrant were illegal.

Five handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, a billy club and three vehicles are seized. Those arrested were:. The investigation showed that from March to Januarymore thanpills containing oxycodone and other Schedule II controlled substances were distributed by members of the conspiracy. Rhode Island State Police announce that 49 people related to the Pagans Motorcycle Club and Kryptmen Motorcycle Club have been arrested as part of a year-long police investigation which had been named Operation Patched Out.

Members of the groups were believed to have been involved in gun and drug trafficking, large scale agricultural equipment theft and other crimes. Included in those arrested was Jason Oliver, who is believed to be in the leadership group of the Massachusetts Pagans MC.

Police had performed wire taps, monitored text messages and performed other electronic surveillance before raids were performed on several properties beginning at 4am, mainly around the Rhode Island area. Find out more on Amazon link opens in a new window. Wayne Bradshaw was a member of the Pagans in the late s before leaving to join the Middletown New Jersey Police Department where he had a 20 year career.

Find out more on Amazon link opens in a new tab. Skip to content. Pagans MC. Pagans MC Logo Pagans MC members do not wear a bottom rocker, which usually would display the location of their chapter. Number 5: The Nazi SS motto. Number Affiliation with the mother chapter.Pagans rank among the fiercest outlaw bikers in the U. They are the only major gang without international chapters, although they have ties to gangs in Canada.

The club also doesn't have a geographically fixed mother chapter like the Hell's Angels in Oakland, the Outlaws of Detroit and the Bandidos in Corpus Christi. Pagan operations are guided by a mother club made up of 13 to 20 former chapter presidents. They wear a black number 13 on the back of their colors to indicate their special status.

Members meet at each other homes or elsewhere, rather than at clubhouses. The Pagan president and vice-president are figureheads who don't really run the club, although the president sets the price of drugs the gangs sells.

Prostitution is extremely profitable operation. Many of the Pagan girlfriends or female associates generated money for the club by selling themselves. Many of the women the Pagans put to work as prostitutes are runaways. The bikers gang rape them. They call it training and sometimes the Pagans photograph them for blackmail.

Some girls are abused and then let go; some stay with the club; others are never found. The Pagans' propensity for violence and their proximity to mob turf earns the club the best connections to traditional organized crime among the Big Four. Pagans act as drug couriers, enforcers, bodyguards, and hit men for the mob, mostly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

They associate with the Genovese and Gamino Family.

Justice News

Cooperation between the groups starts slowly, with Pagans being given menial task. Two prospects are asked to prove they are worthy of becoming Pagans by clubbing a trade unionist with baseball bats when he fails to vote the way the mob wants him to. Pagans and mobster gradually cooperate in extortions, counterfeiting, car theft and drug trafficking. They also deal in cocaine, marijuana and killerweed Parsley sprinkled with PCP.

The Pagan enforcement team is a gang of 13 members, Black T- shirt Gang. If there was a problem at any time the member got into two vans and were "TCB" taking care of business.

Pagan motorcycle club members accused in brutal beating of rival biker club member

Reprisal from a Pagan consists usually of a. That is the telltale signs of a Pagan hit. Gang Information. Motorcycle Gangs. The Pagans are more nomadic than other clubs. Chapters have been known to move overnight.Dear Readers. The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption to the lives of everyone in Tampa Bay and to so many businesses in our community.

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Note: This story was first published in January and was updated in August In DecemberPaul Anderson was sitting in his pickup truck in rush hour traffic on the Suncoast Parkway when two rival gang members rode up on motorcycles and shot him dead. The execution-style killing of Anderson, the Pasco Outlaws motorcycle club leader, put law enforcement on high alert that a motorcycle gang war was brewing.

It also led to numerous arrests. Many may not realize it, but motorcycle gangs actually have a long and dark history here that includes everything from from prostitution and murders to a shootout with deputies at their old Tampa clubhouse near Busch Gardens. But members of the club were skilled in quieting witnesses, and for decades law enforcement struggled to pin charges on them.

In the s, federal prosecutors concocted a plan to wipe out the gang for good. But the goal to exterminate the Outlaws failed over and over again — the gang is still present in the area. The visit ended with a shootout.

In anddozens of club leaders were convicted in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale. Though these busts gutted Outlaw membership, the gang maintained active chapters in Tampa, St.

Petersburg and Daytona Beach. Federal prosecutors won convictions or guilty pleas from 30 Outlaws from Tampa Bay and South Florida. During the trial at the end ofprosecutors took aim at the regional leaders of the club to try to eliminate it. InFlorida had six Outlaws chapters -- the most out of any state.

Pagan motorcycle gang members rounded up in Florida bust

Sixteen Outlaws from the Tampa, St. Other Outlaws allegedly hired members of the Bandidos motorcycle club to kill a Tampa police officer. According to the Times archives, the federal trial in Tampa was one of the most important prosecutions of a biker gang in the country. By the end, a federal jury convicted 14 of 16 members. Inauthorities carried out Operation Silverspoke and Shovelhead and arrested seven Outlaws on accusations that they were running a year crime scheme.

The members were arrested on an count federal indictment aimed at taking out the upper ranks of the club. Authorities accused the Outlaws of eight murders, three bombings and 17 drug charges. Petersburg-based Outlaw Christopher Maiale was targeted for distributing meth and extortion for threats against two people.

After the arrests, U. The prosecution resulted in four convictions. Authorities tracked him down while he was visiting family in Detroit in Former Outlaws testified against Bowman in exchange for lighter sentences. A stream of tattooed, shaggy bikers admitted to blowing up rival clubhouses and throwing delinquent gang members off of motel balconies. By the end, jurors found Bowman guilty of using clubhouses in St.

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